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Massage Therapy Santa Rosa, CA
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Massage Rates:
  • $70 / 60 min. Therapeutic
  • $80 / 75 min.  Therapeutic
  • $95 / 90 min.  Therapeutic
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    * $10 OFF Follow up Massage
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Benefits of Regular Massage
Regular massage sessions serve to 'educate' the body and mind about natural healing. Physical and emotional benefits result from slower breathing, relaxed muscles, a healthy immune system, and the brain at rest. Eventually the body learns to identify stress more readily and  to 'let it go'.   

Causes of Stress
Identifying the causes of stress is helpful for us to make any changes in our lives. Most common causes of stress include overwork, inadequate sleep, over-exercising, illness, poor nutrition, and overwhelming responsibilities. Other causes may not be so obvious to us, such as our negative thoughts, feelings, or attitude.

Symptoms of Stress
Symptoms often become more difficult to ignore as we age. It can take months, even years, for chronic symptoms to show up, and it can take time to reduce, or eliminate them. Massage teaches us to feel the difference between being stressed and being relaxed. This awareness helps us reduce our stress before it stops us in our tracks. 

Reducing Stress
Massage is important for anyone wanting to maintain health, to prevent illness, or to heal. Science has shown that stress underlies 75% - 80% of diseases, and that its management and reduction is critical for anyone 
Special Offers:

$25-OFF First Massage

Credits for Referrals:
Earn a FREE session for every 2 clients that book a session through your referral.

Monthly Massage Discount:
$10 discount off your next session if applied within 30 days of last appointment. 

Massage SPECIAL Offer – Pay for 4 sessions and get one free (60 or 90 min.).
  • $280 for 5 - 60 minute sessions
  • $380 for 5 - 90 minute sessions
Complete Body Balance Massage Studio
Tui Na 
is a vigorous form of massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which both energizes and relaxes body and mind,  muscles, and joints; soft clothing allows for maximum stretching and movement. 

uses the same  points as acupuncture to reduce pain, restore energy flow, and promote healing. A state of  relaxation often deepens during  a session.

addresses the nerve endings on the soles of the feet and stimulates healing in corresponding parts of the body, such as eyes, heart, or liver.

Swedish Massage
offers a sense of well-being through movements which move lymph and feed the skin while relaxing the muscles. It is popularly known as the relaxing "spa" massage. 

Deep Tissue
involves slower movement to reach deeper muscle layers; it addresses chronic stress and symptoms such as backaches and tight shoulders; it  can often reduce chronic pain without drugs. 

Massage Therapy Santa Rosa, CA
Scheduling Details:
  • PAYMENT:  Cash or credit card at time of appointment
  • APPOINTMENT:  online, email, or phone.
  • APPOINTMENT WITHIN 24 HOURS or outside regular business hours:  Call (707) 536-1516
  • CANCELLATION: if you miss an appointment or cancel with less than a 24 hour notice, there is a cancellation fee of one-half (50% the cost of your scheduled appointment.  
  • Contact John with any questions.
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