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Nutrition, the Key

When I completed my formal nutrition education, my mentor gave me this final mandate: “Help the people clean up their diets.” This became my starting point with every client who wanted to feel better, look better, or get healthier. A healthy diet is also important for the prevention of every ailment, big or small. While I have long known that diet was the bedrock of health, I gradually learned that nutrition was just one piece of the bigger picture.

Beyond Nutrition

I eventually realized that health, good or bad, was the end result of our diet plus every thing else in our lives. I am here talking about our ”lifestyle,” the how and what of our lives—diet, exercise, sleep, relationships, families, work, social life, daily habits, attitudes, all the way to our inner thoughts and feelings. We know about our connection to food by how it makes us feel, but there are many factors beyond nutrition which, all totaled, determine our level of health. 

Body Maintenance 

The principles that govern man-made machines also apply to our bodies. The better care we take of them, the smoother they run, the less likely they are to break down, and the longer they last. However, we often take better care of our cars than our bodies. The goal of my website is to increase awareness of the many benefits of the healthy lifestyle, one of which is enjoying a quality life well into old age. By supporting the law of natural healing, I believe it is possible to prevent succumbing to the degenerative diseases that "bark at our heels."

The miracle of the body is that it knows how to heal. We can support our healing with a healthy lifestyle. It is up to each of us to know, or feel, when something is off balance, when we need to slow down and stop, or suffer the consequences. We can’t live with stress or anxiety for very long without physical symptoms cropping up. Symptoms are clues that we need to change something about what we are doing, or not doing. Sometimes ferreting out the cause of pain can be daunting. Yet each pain is a “gift” telling us that something is off balance and needs our attention. 

Lifestyle Support
Lifestyle Support Group

My work in health has confirmed for me what I already know about myself, that we humans can adapt quickly to new habits when we have someone to whom we are accountable: a mentor, a partner, a co-worker. I have also observed how quickly we can “forget” and revert to old habits when left on our own. The power of the group is the way it carries us through the rough patches and encourages us to stay the course in making healthier choices for the long haul.
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