About John

About John Van Dorp 

As a child I was taught that good health was a prerequisite for a quality life. Another benefit of maintaining health was the prevention of illnesses ---"it is easier to prevent disease than to heal it."

Beyond Nutrition
Growing up on a flower farm I had ample opportunity to observe the way plants grew, or didn't. Some became vibrant and strong while others were puny and weak, their differences determined by how well they had been cared for and fed; the  same can be said of our bodies. I learned that nutrients are the foundation of health, and also that health is about much more than just nutrition. Health is the  of the “sum total” result  of every thing in our life…our lifestyle. 

While studying psychology and working as a psychotherapist, I became interested in the body-mind connection. Thoughts and feelings, I had learned, impact our health. Later, when I studied massage therapy, I personally experienced the power of touch to free up negative emotions, like fear, anger and depression that can become locked in the muscles and tissues of the body. Since energy cannot flow freely, these locked-up areas can spawn disease.


Excess stress, also, can foster disease.  Most of us have come to accept the stress in our bodies as “normal;" even the best nutrition cannot eliminate it. However, massage therapies have the power to move energy and restore 'balance' which we know as 'feeling better.'

Santa Rosa Practice

For thirty years I have lived in the Bay Area with my wife, Margery. In my Santa Rosa practice, I work with clients who want to improve or maintain their health through massage, lifestyle support, or both.  To those who come to me I offer my knowledge gleaned from years of experiences and education—and, most of all, hope.
John Van Dorp
John Van Dorp


Massage Therapist – balancing energy to promote relaxation and  healing.

Lifestye Coach – balancing diet and lifestyle to support optimum health and the prevention of disease.

My mission is offering physical health as the foundation for emotional and spiritual growth. Everything I offer I have experienced, studied, and tested in my life.

  • Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA – M.Ed. (psychology)
  • Calistoga School of Massage, Santa Rosa, CA
  • Acupressure Institute, Berkeley, CA – Asian Bodywork Certificate, CMT
  • Bauman College, Penngrove, CA – Nutrition Consultant Certificate, NC
Professional Organizations:  
  • American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia, AOBTA
  • California Massage Therapy Council, CMT #19168
  • Weston A. Price Foundation, WAPF
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