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Massage Therapy
$25-OFF First Massage
Massage Rates:
  • $70 / 60 min. Therapeutic
  • $80 / 75 min.  Therapeutic
  • $95 / 90 min.  Therapeutic
     * $25-OFF First Massage
     * $10 -OFF Follow up Massage
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Massage Therapy

Massage is a lifestyle choice to reduce pain, diminish stress, and promote healing. It serves to  relax us and strengthen the immune system, thus  preventing illness. It is a powerful tool to balance our energy and give us a renewed sense of well being.

My work is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which focuses on balancing  energy and facilitating its flow.   What could be more natural than the power of touch to reduce our physical and mental stress? This 'resting' state brings us into the present moment...the place where healing and rejuvenation occur.  Read more...
About John Van Dorp

My mission is to support men and women who want to maintain or improve their health naturally through massage therapy, lifestyle support, or both.  More about John...
Healthy Lifestyle Support
Lifestyle Support

"BALANCE" in our bodies and minds, also in our lives refers to an ideal towards which we aim but is rarely held for long.  Balancing can be likened to juggling the many aspects of life  including diet, sleep, exercise, attitude, massage, introspection, social network, environment, work, and many more.

When any one aspect of our life is out of-balance, everything can feel off-balance.  This feeling offers us clues as to what in our life is not working and what we can do to fix it.  Lifestyle Support (group or individual) is designed to help us discover how we can address our  imbalance and restore balance. 

The 'Lifestyle Support' group enables us to make shifts or changes we might otherwise not make on our own. Being healthy requires us to (1)  be aware of how we live and (2) to be open to what we can do to make it better. Read more...
Lifestyle Blog

Consider that you can use 'how you live, your lifestyle' to maintain health and prevent illness. Consider that  you can put your lifestyle to work supporting your health.  My hope is that you will find my blog inspiring and helpful.  Visit the blog...
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