Through balancing your body and mind, your health and life will improve.

Through balancing your body and mind, your health and life will improve.


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Your Body – A Gift          

The body in which you live is a gift. Keeping it healthy demands on-going attention. Good health does not just happen on its own; it requires commitment, perseverance, and patience.

This website offers support to anyone who wants to maintain, or improve, their health. How healthy do you want to be? i believe we have the power to make a decision and to move toward our goal. Massage slows us down encouraging us to become more connected to our bodies. We are then better able to balance our bodies and lives.

Massage, a Natural Starting Point

We live in a harried society and feel its constant assault on our bodies. In fact, the ‘tight’ feeling in our muscles can become so familiar that we accept it as ‘normal,’ which it is not. In spite of all that, we are fortunate to have ways to relax and come back into balance, such as through massage and bodywork. What is more natural and effective than the power of touch to enable our body and mind to let go of stress and pain?

As we age our stress and its symptoms becomes increasingly difficult to ignore, but when ignored, they can lead to illness. This is why I offer massage, not only for its immediate relaxing, ‘pain freeing’ results, but for its long term, health promoting benefits. By the end of a massage session many feel in an altered ‘sleep’ state compared to the contracted state with which  they live every day. The gift of massage is in knowing and feeling the difference.

By making healing massage a part of your life, you will gradually shift into a new way of thinking, living and being.

Beyond Massage, Support Your Life

Massage is a valuable tool for taking care of the body because it brings us into that inner space where healing occurs. During massage I encourage clients to let go of their lives ‘outside’ by focusing on what is happening ‘inside’. ‘Where is your pain or discomfort?’ ‘What is your goal for today’s session?’ Such questions help you stay focused in your body.

What would it mean for you to ‘excel at being healthy’? I am talking about having the resilience to ward off common viruses, as well as, chronic degenerative diseases. I am also implying that it means enjoying a quality lifestyle. The prerequisite for a quality life is a healthy body. For this reason, I make health a priority for myself, and for my clients.

Many people believe that their body ‘should’ be and stay healthy on its own, and they get bummed out when it doesn’t. Taking care of your body is your responsibility. If you want to take the next step to better health, plus prevent illness, check out LIFESTYLE on this website and scroll to ‘Life Coaching’ which offers key information on the health supporting life.

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